Splash Wednesday: Zaffino, Gonzalez, and Reeder

Our first page was scanned by the reliable Mr. Matt Kish. It’s from Terror, Inc. #5, featuring the lush brushwork of Jorge Zaffino:


Next up, courtesy of Mr. Brent Bowman, who pointed me to the Internet Archive of old Vampirella magazines, here’s some great linework from Jose Gonzalez. This is from Vampirella Magazine #112 (1983):


And last but not least, from back in December 2010, here’s what I posted on my old blog where this feature got its start:

Given the dearth of female comic book artists, I thought it would be good to look at one of the few women who is doing fairly high profile work at a big publisher. So here’s a splash from Amy Reeder:


This if from Madame Xanadu #29, published this month by Vertigo (DC). Richard Friend provided the inks, and Guy Major did the colors. This splash has some nice depth to it, with items in the foreground, middle-ground, and background. I also like the detail on the hardwood floors.

Next up for Ms. Reeder is taking over as artist from J.H. Williams on the new Batwoman monthly, which he is writing.

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