Splash Wednesday: Maroto, Sutton, and John Romita, Jr.

Welcome back, splash-o-philes! Let’s get things started with a rather morbid page from one of my faves, Esteban Maroto. This is from Dracula: Vlad the Impaler #2.


Continuing with the vampire theme, here’s Tom Sutton, from Vampire Tales #7 (Marvel Comics, August 1974


And from December 2010 on my old blog, here’s a classic page:

Sorry, I know it’s a day late. I didn’t have a lot of time to look for a page, so I just grabbed this one:

I like the multiple exposures of Cyclops’ head, indicate a sense of sweeping motion in an otherwise static image. It’s one of those uniquely comic book techniques that we don’t see as often anymore, what with artists trying to imitate still from a movie and eschewing anything “comic book-y”.

As you can see from the credits page, this is by John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green. From The Uncanny X-Men #199, published by Marvel Comics, November 1985.