Splash Wednesday: García-López, Cockrum, and Bond

Welcome back to another installment of Splash Wednesday, where we look at comic book splash pages…each Wednesday. But you already knew that, so…let’s get to it.

Kicking it off with a slightly older page from one of the workhorses of the industry, José Luis García-López. This is from a Marvel/DC crossover in DC Special Series #27 (1981):


Next up, Dave Cockrum, providing his redesigned Ms. Marvel costume in Ms. Marvel #20 (1978):

Ms Marvel - 20 - 08

And finally, a page I originally posted on my old blog on january 2011:

This week, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and show off some art from one of my collaborators:


Grant Bond did the artwork for the Igor movie prequel I wrote for IDW. The above is from his own book, Archibald Saves Christmas #1, published by Image Comics, December 2007. Grant and I did a couple of Archibald issues together. I love his animation-inspired artwork.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Hero Alliance #1

Sorry for the skip week, let’s get right back to this feature:


Hero Alliance #1 was published by Wonder Color Comics in May of 1987. The cover is by Bart Sears (inked by Rick Bryant), who would go on to gain fame over at Marvel, DC, Valiant, and other publishers. Wonder folded after publishing only a few comics, but HA found a new home at Innovation, where it ran for 17 issues, plus several one-shots and mini series.

Dan Weiss on what makes a good villain

I liked this insight into character development for villains, from an interview with Game of Thrones co-showrunner, Dan Weiss:

“Far more often than an evil alpha male out to do evil for the sake of evil, bad things often come from people who are unfit to occupy positions of power, who find themselves in positions of power they are not suited for. They don’t have the moral fiber or leadership skills, but for some reason they find themselves sitting on the throne, and that’s where things go horribly wrong. For anybody who’s read history books or read the newspaper, that feels true.”


(Fair waning: the interview itself contains spoilers for season 4, if you haven’t watched it yet.)

Spitball Anthology: sneak peek

So a short while ago I told you about the Spitball comic book anthology being put together by the students at CCAD. I wanted to share the first page from the short story I contributed to the book, with art by the talented Lee Meyers.

Here are her roughs:


Followed by her pencils/inks:


And the nearly complete colored and lettered page:


I can’t wait to see the finished book, which will feature artwork by many of Lee’s classmates, and stories written by the likes of Matt Fraction, Noelle Stevenson, and Ivan Brandon.

Splash Wednesday: Byrne and Jock

A couple of “classic” pages for your this week, from my old blog, both from January 2011. Starting it off with an industry legend…

I decided it would be fun to feature another double-page splash this week:


This is from West Coast Avengers #44, published by Marvel Comics, May 1989. Pencils by John Byrne, inks by Mike Machlan. If you’re wondering, the dissected cybernetic organism is The Scarlet Witch’s husband, The Vision.

Man, that John Byrne, when he was at the top of his craft, was something to behold.

And continuing with some fresh(ish) blood…

Ok, Ok, I promise I’ll get off my Jock kick…er, over-posting, after this:


From Detective Comics #872, featuring the Dick Grayson Batman, published by DC, December 2010. Art by Jock, colors by David Baron.