Splash Wednesday: Byrne and Jock

A couple of “classic” pages for your this week, from my old blog, both from January 2011. Starting it off with an industry legend…

I decided it would be fun to feature another double-page splash this week:


This is from West Coast Avengers #44, published by Marvel Comics, May 1989. Pencils by John Byrne, inks by Mike Machlan. If you’re wondering, the dissected cybernetic organism is The Scarlet Witch’s husband, The Vision.

Man, that John Byrne, when he was at the top of his craft, was something to behold.

And continuing with some fresh(ish) blood…

Ok, Ok, I promise I’ll get off my Jock kick…er, over-posting, after this:


From Detective Comics #872, featuring the Dick Grayson Batman, published by DC, December 2010. Art by Jock, colors by David Baron.