Splash Wednesday: Herb Trimpe and Keith Giffen

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! (Sorry about the hiatus)

Let’s get right to it: I’ll be featuring a few splash pages every Wednesday, one found on the web from various blogs, and one “classic” post from my old blog.

Here’s an awesome Herb Trimpe page (via Diversions of the Groovy Kind), from War Is Hell #13, published by Marvel in 1975:


And here’s a trip in the time machine back to January, 2011, and a post from my old Ferret Press blog:

Let’s take a trip back a few decades to 1987 for this week’s comic book splash page:


Man, I love Keith Giffen’s art. It’s instantly recognizable, he has this penchant for drawing his pages in 9 or 12 (or 16!) panel grids with bizarre extreme closeups, and can easily switch between half a dozen different art styles. Some day, if I have the time, I’ll put together a post highlighting his utterly unique styles, from his early days aping Kirby, the “classic” Giffen material like the above page, to his “Trencher” days, Legion of Superheroes style, and more.

Anyway, this page is from the Dr. Fate #3, published by DC in 1987. It was written by J.M. DeMatteis, with art by Keith Giffen.

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