Splash Wednesday: Simonson and Bisley

Another Wednesday, another couple of splash pages to treat your eyes to. Starting with a page I found around the web (via The Crapbox of Son Of Cthulhu), here’s a fantastic Walt Simonson page from Orion #1, published by DC Comics.


And a classic post, from Feb 2011:

I came across this while digging through my longboxes a short while ago:

It’s from Bodycount #3. Art by Simon Bisley, published by Image Comics, May 1996.

Bodycount was a 4-issue mini series featuring one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, I think) teaming up with Casey Jones to fight…um, I don’t quite remember. I think maybe a gang? Or the mob? Well, whoever it was, it involved an awful lot of guns and bullets and death and destruction. Oh, and boobs. The biggest, most ridiculously basketball-shaped tits you’ve ever seen, courtesy of Mr. Bisley. I was never a TMNT guy, so I think I picked this series up during my Bisley fan stage. Oddly enough, it’s not fully painted, like the majority of his output at the time, but it’s in the unmistakable Bisley style. Here’s to excess.