Guess the Artist – 11/2/2015

OK, here we go with another couple of pages to try your hand at. There really are no rules, other than if you have the book that these pages are from, please refrain from guessing.

The first page for this week:


And page 2, from my old Ferret Press blog, way back in 2005:


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2 thoughts on “Guess the Artist – 11/2/2015

  1. A few guesses on Facebook ranged from Bryan Hitch to Bill Willingham, but someone did finally guess the correct artist: John Byrne. This is from Doomsday +1. Actually, the scan is from the reprint edition called Doomsday Squad, published by (of all places) Fantagraphics.

    The second page (the black and white one) is early Erik Larsen from the indie book Megaton.

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