Splash Wednesday: Buscema and Case

Our first page this week is via Diversions of the Groovy Kind, and features the other Buscema brother, Sal. This is from Sub-Mariner #25 (February 1970), with Sal Buscema on pencils:

Sub-Mariner 25-01
And here’s the page from the Way Back machine, AKA my previous blog circa 2011:

Here’s this week’s splash page:


This splash depicts the return of Marvel’s oddball “non-team,” The Defenders. It’s by artist Richard Case, inked by Randy Emberlin. Case is best known for his collaboration with Grant Morrison on that writer’s revamp of Doom Patrol over at DC, but he’s done a fair bit of work at various publishers. This page is from Doctor Strange #3, published by Marvel Comics, March 1989.

Hey, wait a minute, is that a ferret? Or just a weasel?