Splash Wednesday: Morales and Brereton

Back from hiatus!

This week’s featured splash page is from Hawkman #5, published in 2002 by DC. Art by Rags Morales, inked by Michael Bair.


And here’s a flashback to my old ferret Press blog, from a post dated March, 2011:

Here’s a look at a splash page from one of my favorite painters in the comics field:


Although not a great page as far as composition goes, it was one of the few splashes I could find from him. Despite the time consuming task of painting an entire comic, he rarely does splash pages, which is quite impressive. Unfortunately, these days the time investment in a project of this type just doesn’t pay off, so Brereton rarely makes any comics appearances. I’m sure he’s somewhere working on video game designs or movie storyboards.

This Dan Brereton page is from his creator-owned series The Nocturnals #5, published by Malibu Comics, June 1995.