Splash Wednesday: Larsen and McKeever

This week’s entry features a double-page splash by Erik Larsen (inked by Terry Austin), from Marvel Comics Presents #38, published in December, 1989. The story pitted Excalibur against some weird Looney Tunes amalgams, courtesy of the madman Arcade:


And here’s flashing back to March 2011 and the featured splash page on my old ferret Press blog:

Ted McKeever is a rather popular artist with the PANEL folks, so I thought for this Wednesday’s look at a comic book splash page, we’d feature a double-page splash from one of his books:


This is from Enginehead #2, published by DC Comics, July 2004. It was an odd little book (as most of Ted’s are) in that it was a creator-owned series by Joe Kelly and McKeever, but published under the regular DC banner. It pretty much stayed within it’s own little bit of continuity, with one of the few (only?) forays into the wider DCU being an encounter with the Metal Men. Needless to say, the offbeat, surreal art and narrative never found an audience, and the series only lasted 6 issues.

By the way, the series had a pretty damn awesome logo. Check it: