Splash Wednesday: Mike Grell and Esteban Maroto

We’ll start this week’s feature with a couple of pages from The Warlord #3, published by DC Comics in 1976. Mike Grell is a favorite of mine, so why not spotlight his early artwork some more? Here’s a double-page splash from that issue:


Followed by another splash of Travis Morgan doing what he does best:


(Thanks to Diversions of the Groovy Kind for the scans)

And for our flashback portion, here’s the splash page featured on my old blog, from March, 2011, featuring Esteban Maroto:

“This week, we turn our time machine back to 1990 to feature a double-page splash from Spanish artist Esteban Maroto:

The above is from Atlantis Chronicles #3, published by DC Comics, June 1990. The 7-issue mini-series was written by Peter David, and told the fictional history of the city of Atlantis in the DC universe, thousands of years before the birth of Aquaman. It was epic in scope, a complex, crazy undersea soap opera full of love, betrayal, and war, lushly illustrated by Maroto. The guy is a master of depicting the female form, not to mention fantastical creatures, architecture, and costumes. If you ever run across this series, you should pick it up for the artwork alone.

By the way, the reason David’s credit reads “transcribed and adapted by” is because the conceit of the series was that he had come across historical documents purportedly from the ancient continent itself, and so this was really an anthropological project more so than a work of fiction.”