Splash Wednesday: Kane/Nebres and Michael Gaydos

We begin this week’s feature with another scan courtesy of the awesome Diversions of the Groovy Kind blog. This gorgeously rendered splash page is by the art team of Gil Kane and Rudy Nebres, from Marvel’s John Carter Warlord of Mars #3 (May 1977). I suppose some fans may dislike Nebres’ “smoothing out” of Gil’s usually angular pencils (see Kane’s solo cover for this issue at the link above) , but I totally dig this combination.


And now, the flashback post from my old blog, originally posted on April, 2011:

“Welcome old and new readers to another edition of Splash Wednesday, where we feature a cool splash page each week. Since this month is our 8th anniversary, we’re trying to spotlight more indie material, and that extends to this feature as well. So let’s get to it:


This page, illustrated by Michael Gaydos, is from Inferno #5. The series was one of writer Mike Carey’s earliest published works, and came out from Caliber Press in 1995. It only lasted 7 issues, but it was a good read, and presaged Carey’s involvment with another infernal series, the critically-acclaimed Lucifer at Vertigo. Here’s a description of the series:

When John Travis is murdered he finds himself in Inferno, a Hell with no fiery demons and satanic majesty, just an endless city alive with corruption, intrigue and despair. Yet being dead is the least of Travis’ problems; he is actually Jacamo Terence, dead 800 years and the first man to escape Hell and live his life again. This did not sit well with the Infernal Powers and soon, aided by Nostradamus and a were-girl, he is at the center of a vast power struggle.

Individual issue are probably hard to come by, as is the limited edition TPB put out by Titan Books in 2004. But I’m sure if you really want one, you can find a copy online somewhere.”