Splash Wednesday: Mitchell, Bennett, and Stokoe

I came across this splash page on the Unspoken Decade comics blog, in a review of the 1992 mini-series, Batman: Gotham Nights. It was written by John Ostrander, with art by Mary Mitchell, of whom I know very little. But I dig her Tim Burton influenced interpretation of Gotham.


As for our flashback feature, apparently back in April, 2011 I was doing an “indy month” feature on my old blog, so here’s a two-fer for you:

In celebration of indy month here on the blog, we’re going to feature two splash pages this week. The first is by our very own PANELista, Andy Bennett:


This is a double-page splash from PANEL: Space, the 3rd volume of our self-published anthology. The story was written by PANELista Tony Goins, and the book came out in the spring of 2004. Unfortunately, that particular issue is sold out, but you can check out the other PANEL anthologies here.

The second splash is actually more of a pinup, but close enough, right? Here we go:


This is, of course, by the inimitable James Stokoe. It appears on the inside back cover of his Orc Stain #6, published this month by Image Comics.

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