Splash Wednesday: Tom Mandrake and Thomas Yeates

It’s close to Halloween, so I thought this would be an appropriate splash page to spotlight in our weekly feature. I’ve always loved Tom Mandrake’s artwork, with it’s moody, evocative brushwork. This page is from an odd limited series published in 2009 by DC Comics, titled Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves. This is from issue #3:


(thanks to The Crapbox of Son Of Cthulhu blog for the scan)

As for the flashback portion of this feature, here’s the splash page I posted on my old blog in April of 2011:

Thomas Yeates Week rolls on, here on the blog. Here’s a gorgeous double-page splash by the man himself:


This is from Timespirits #7, a creator-owned series by Yeates and writer Steve Perry, published by Epic Comics, December 1985.