Splash Wednesday: Elias and Nebres

This week I’m featuring a couple of black and white pages, starting with a weird one, artist Lee Elias, from The Goblin #1, published by Warren Magazines, June 1982:


And from January 2011 on my other blog:

This week’s double-splash page comes courtesy of Philippine artist Rudy Nebres:


This is from Alien Encounters #1, a black & white anthology published by FantaCo in January of 1981. I believe that was the one and only issue they ever did. The book was picked up soon after by Eclipse Comics, which turned it into a color anthology.

You can check out more of Rudy’s art here.

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    Indie Cover Spotlight: Rough Raiders Annual #1

    Here’s a company that I had a bit of history with in my early days of trying to break into the business…


    Let’s just say I did a lot of unpaid work for them and leave it at that.

    The cover for this book was done by Steven Hughes, who gained fame as the artist of Evil Ernie and Lady Death, before his untimely death at an early age. Published by Blue Comet Press in 1990.

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      Anecdotes from Mid-Ohio-Con 2009

      I was digging through some old emails and came across this nugget, which I had shared with Chris Ryall at IDW Publishing after my experience at the 2009 Mid-Ohio-Con.


      My big project at the time was the official Terminator Salvation movie prequel, which I had for sale at my table. Both of these anecdotes are related to it.

      On Sunday a couple of younger guys were looking through the books on my table, and one of them picked up the Terminator graphic novel. Here’s the conversation that ensued, essentially verbatim:

      Guy: Dude, you wrote this?
      Me: Yeah, I was given the movie script and asked to–
      Guy: Wicked! Did you meet Arnold?
      Me: Uh, no, I just wrote the comics and–
      Guy: So did you go on the set?
      Me: No, I did everything from–
      Guy: Dude, is your name in the credits of the movie?
      Me: No, see, I just wrote the–
      Guy: (nods his head, puts the book down, and wanders off)

      Another couple came by with their teenage boy. He told me that he loved the Terminator graphic novel, and that it was only the 2nd or 3rd graphic novel he’d ever read. I thanked him for the compliment, and this is the conversation that ensued between him and his mom:

      Mom: Oh yeah, I remember buying this book for you.
      Son: You didn’t buy it for me.
      Mom: Yes I did.
      Son: No you didn’t. I read it at Borders over the course of 3 days.
      Mom: Oh. Well, I meant to buy it for you.

      At which point they all wandered off.

      Oh, the glamorous life of a comic book writer….

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        First look at Spitball anthology

        The Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) is offering an advanced comics workshop course for a small group of talented students, and at the end of their class they will be producing a full-color comics anthology titled Spitball.


        The instructors sought out professional comics writers to supply 5-page stories for the students. I was fortunate to be asked to participate in this cool new project, alongside such comics luminaries as Chris Sebela (DEAD LETTERS, ALIEN VS PREDATOR, CAPTAIN MARVEL), Kate Leth (EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and ADVENTURE TIME), Karl Bollers (WATSON AND HOLMES), Lora Innes (THE DREAMER), Matt Fraction (SEX CRIMINALS, HAWKEYE, IRON MAN, X-MEN), Jen Van Meter (HOPELESS SAVAGES, BLACK CAT), Ivan Brandon (WOLVERINE, VIKING, MEN OF WAR), and Noelle Stevenson (LUMBERJANES, THOR).

        The artist illustrating my story is Lee Meyers, and you can check out her tumblr here. But I’d like to share a few pieces of her art right here:

        Character designs

        Character designs

        Drone designs

        Drone designs

        Setting designs and color studies

        Set designs and color studies

        Thumbnails/roughs for page 1

        Thumbnails/roughs for page 1

        I’ll post more info on the book as the semester progresses and Lee finalizes the pages. In the meantime, you can follow Spitball on tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

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          Indie Cover Spotlight: Hero Alliance Quarterly #2

          Today’s cover is an early one from Brian Stelfreeze:


          This issue was published in December 1991 by Innovation.

          There’s an interesting story that goes along with the cover: I always thought there was something familiar about the texture of the background, especially the “ridges” on her collar. Years after this book came out, I was at a comic con and speaking to one of the artists who had worked on the book (I can’t remember who, unfortunately) and he said that he remembered this cover because Brian drew it on the inside of a pizza box after a show, just passing the time. Apparently that was good enough for Innovation, who used it as a cover.

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            Splash Wednesday: Reis, Perez, and Paquette

            We’ll start with a relatively new page, from Aquaman #10, by Ivan Reis:


            Next, dig this double-splash page from George Perez, from 1979’s Fantastic Four Annual #14 (via Diversions of the Groovy Kind):

            Fantastic Four Annual 14-0708

            And here’s a page from December 2010 on my previous blog:

            I didn’t look far for this week’s splash page…


            This is from Batman, Inc. #2, published by DC Comics this December. Art by Yanick Paquette, inks by Michel Lacombe, and colors by Nathan Fairbairn.

            I’m not sure if I’m sold on this book quite yet (man, Morrison is really hit or miss for me) but Paquette’s art is pretty to look at.

            PS. I wasn’t sold on the book, I dropped it after the 3rd issue.

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              Splash Wednesday: Maroto, Sutton, and John Romita, Jr.

              Welcome back, splash-o-philes! Let’s get things started with a rather morbid page from one of my faves, Esteban Maroto. This is from Dracula: Vlad the Impaler #2.


              Continuing with the vampire theme, here’s Tom Sutton, from Vampire Tales #7 (Marvel Comics, August 1974


              And from December 2010 on my old blog, here’s a classic page:

              Sorry, I know it’s a day late. I didn’t have a lot of time to look for a page, so I just grabbed this one:

              I like the multiple exposures of Cyclops’ head, indicate a sense of sweeping motion in an otherwise static image. It’s one of those uniquely comic book techniques that we don’t see as often anymore, what with artists trying to imitate still from a movie and eschewing anything “comic book-y”.

              As you can see from the credits page, this is by John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green. From The Uncanny X-Men #199, published by Marvel Comics, November 1985.

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