Indie Cover Spotlight: Invisible Republic #2

Here’s one of the newer books I’ve been reading, Invisible Republic:


Written by the husband/wife team of Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, and drawn by Hardman, IR is a fantastic looking (and well-written) science fiction epic with heavy political and social themes running through it. Issue #2 was published in April, 2015 by Image Comics.

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    Guess the Artist – 10/19/2015

    Way back on September of 2005, I started a feature on my old Ferret Press blog called “Monday Morning Guess the Artist,” with the following introduction:

    So each Monday, we’ll look at a piece of artwork from the early career of some of today’s big name comic book artists. Thrill to their humble beginnings, gasp at their amateur mistakes, and wonder at their generic style. So without further ado, check out today’s page and use the comments section to…Guess the Artist!

    Over the next six years, I posted 279 pages of artwork. I’m not sure I have the same amount of time and energy to devote to the feature again, but every once in a while I’ll revive it on my current blog. I’ll also re-post a page from one of my old posts, much like I’m doing over at the Splash Wednesday feature. So be sure to check back here on Mondays.

    OK, here’s your first page. Use the comments section to share your guess:


    And here’s a page from back in September, 2005. Sadly, due to a technical glitch of switching the comments section of my old blog from a 3rd party service to Blogger’s (then) new comments section, I lost the vast majority of the blog’s comments, and with them, the precise answer for each page. So while I know who the artist is, I won’t be able to give you the precise issue and number. But give it a shot anyway:


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      Splash Wednesday: Grell and Guice

      Our first page today comes via Diversions of the Groovy Kind, and features Mike Grell’s artwork from The Warlord #8 (May 1977):

      Warlord 008-02-03

      And now for the classic page, from my old Ferret Press blog, Feb 2011:

      Since I featured Jackson Guice on last week’s “Guess the Artist,” I figured we might as well look at another one of his pages from his Doctor Strange run for today’s splash page:


      Trippy, eh? (Insert your own joke about magic mushrooms…)

      This is from Doctor Strange #6, penciled by Jackson Guice, and inked by Jose Marzan, Jr. Published by Marvel Comics, August, 1989.

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        Indie Cover Spotlight: Instant Piano #1

        Here’s an oddly titled book for today’s installment of ICS: Instant Piano #1


        This 1994 anthology of surreal humor from Dark Horse Comics lasted for 4 issues. The inaugural issue featured the above cover by Kyle Baker, with stories contributed by the 5 cartoonists who created the series: Baker, Stephen DeStefano, Evan Dorkin, Robbie Busch, and Mark Badger.

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          Splash Wednesday: Herb Trimpe and Keith Giffen

          Aaaaaaaand we’re back! (Sorry about the hiatus)

          Let’s get right to it: I’ll be featuring a few splash pages every Wednesday, one found on the web from various blogs, and one “classic” post from my old blog.

          Here’s an awesome Herb Trimpe page (via Diversions of the Groovy Kind), from War Is Hell #13, published by Marvel in 1975:


          And here’s a trip in the time machine back to January, 2011, and a post from my old Ferret Press blog:

          Let’s take a trip back a few decades to 1987 for this week’s comic book splash page:


          Man, I love Keith Giffen’s art. It’s instantly recognizable, he has this penchant for drawing his pages in 9 or 12 (or 16!) panel grids with bizarre extreme closeups, and can easily switch between half a dozen different art styles. Some day, if I have the time, I’ll put together a post highlighting his utterly unique styles, from his early days aping Kirby, the “classic” Giffen material like the above page, to his “Trencher” days, Legion of Superheroes style, and more.

          Anyway, this page is from the Dr. Fate #3, published by DC in 1987. It was written by J.M. DeMatteis, with art by Keith Giffen.

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            Indie Cover Spotlight: Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze #3

            So the recent announcement of a new Black Panther series by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze made me nostalgic for Brian’s early work, which brings us to today’s ICS: Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze #3


            Cover by Brian Stelfreeze, published by Millenium Publications, March 1992. Interior art by Columbus’ own Darryl Banks.

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              Indie Cover Spotlight: The Book of Grickle

              After another long hiatus, ICS is back, baby!

              Today’s cover feature is the wonderful and charming collection of Grickle comics from Graham Annable.


              This collection was published by Dark Horse Comics in 2010, and collect several of the earlier Grickle books from Alternative Comics.

              I love Annable’s dark sense of humor and extremely expressive stick figure characters. He’s an amazing cartoonist, and if you’ve never checked out Grickle, you owe yourself a look.



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                Pre-order Persia Blues vol. 2

                Brent Bowman and I are putting the finishing touches on the second volume of our creator-owned graphic novel, Persia Blues, published by the fine folks at NBM Publishing. Volume 2, subtitled “Love and War” is currently available for preorder from your local comic book store, book store, or Amazon.


                If ordering through your comic shop, the Diamond order code is STK687411.
                If ordering through a book store, the ISBN is 9781561639779.

                Here’s the cover and official solicitation copy:

                cover mockup 2

                Minoo Shirazi’s mysterious double-life continues to unfold across 2000 years of history. In the fantastical world of ancient Persia, the shock of discovering her royal heritage is overshadowed by the imminent invasion of Ahriman’s armies. Only by finding the empire’s champion, Rostam, can she hope to turn back the tide of evil. While in the modern world, Minoo’s life in Iran and America – where she has recently begun her graduate studies – is examined through interactions with her stern father, dying mother, lost brother, and new American boyfriend. Across myths and modern realities, we delve deeper into the truth of Minoo’s life.

                I’ll be updating the official Persia Blues website with more info and preview pages soon, so keep an eye out.

                PS. Remind your store that volume 1 is still available for ordering:


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                  Splash Wednesday: García-López, Cockrum, and Bond

                  Welcome back to another installment of Splash Wednesday, where we look at comic book splash pages…each Wednesday. But you already knew that, so…let’s get to it.

                  Kicking it off with a slightly older page from one of the workhorses of the industry, José Luis García-López. This is from a Marvel/DC crossover in DC Special Series #27 (1981):


                  Next up, Dave Cockrum, providing his redesigned Ms. Marvel costume in Ms. Marvel #20 (1978):

                  Ms Marvel - 20 - 08

                  And finally, a page I originally posted on my old blog on january 2011:

                  This week, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and show off some art from one of my collaborators:


                  Grant Bond did the artwork for the Igor movie prequel I wrote for IDW. The above is from his own book, Archibald Saves Christmas #1, published by Image Comics, December 2007. Grant and I did a couple of Archibald issues together. I love his animation-inspired artwork.

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                    Indie Cover Spotlight: Hero Alliance #1

                    Sorry for the skip week, let’s get right back to this feature:


                    Hero Alliance #1 was published by Wonder Color Comics in May of 1987. The cover is by Bart Sears (inked by Rick Bryant), who would go on to gain fame over at Marvel, DC, Valiant, and other publishers. Wonder folded after publishing only a few comics, but HA found a new home at Innovation, where it ran for 17 issues, plus several one-shots and mini series.

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                      Dan Weiss on what makes a good villain

                      I liked this insight into character development for villains, from an interview with Game of Thrones co-showrunner, Dan Weiss:

                      “Far more often than an evil alpha male out to do evil for the sake of evil, bad things often come from people who are unfit to occupy positions of power, who find themselves in positions of power they are not suited for. They don’t have the moral fiber or leadership skills, but for some reason they find themselves sitting on the throne, and that’s where things go horribly wrong. For anybody who’s read history books or read the newspaper, that feels true.”


                      (Fair waning: the interview itself contains spoilers for season 4, if you haven’t watched it yet.)

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