Guess the Artist – 11/2/2015

OK, here we go with another couple of pages to try your hand at. There really are no rules, other than if you have the book that these pages are from, please refrain from guessing.

The first page for this week:


And page 2, from my old Ferret Press blog, way back in 2005:


Guess the Artist – 10/19/2015

Way back on September of 2005, I started a feature on my old Ferret Press blog called “Monday Morning Guess the Artist,” with the following introduction:

So each Monday, we’ll look at a piece of artwork from the early career of some of today’s big name comic book artists. Thrill to their humble beginnings, gasp at their amateur mistakes, and wonder at their generic style. So without further ado, check out today’s page and use the comments section to…Guess the Artist!

Over the next six years, I posted 279 pages of artwork. I’m not sure I have the same amount of time and energy to devote to the feature again, but every once in a while I’ll revive it on my current blog. I’ll also re-post a page from one of my old posts, much like I’m doing over at the Splash Wednesday feature. So be sure to check back here on Mondays.

OK, here’s your first page. Use the comments section to share your guess:


And here’s a page from back in September, 2005. Sadly, due to a technical glitch of switching the comments section of my old blog from a 3rd party service to Blogger’s (then) new comments section, I lost the vast majority of the blog’s comments, and with them, the precise answer for each page. So while I know who the artist is, I won’t be able to give you the precise issue and number. But give it a shot anyway: