Indie Cover Spotlight: Hero Alliance Quarterly #2

Today’s cover is an early one from Brian Stelfreeze:


This issue was published in December 1991 by Innovation.

There’s an interesting story that goes along with the cover: I always thought there was something familiar about the texture of the background, especially the “ridges” on her collar. Years after this book came out, I was at a comic con and speaking to one of the artists who had worked on the book (I can’t remember who, unfortunately) and he said that he remembered this cover because Brian drew it on the inside of a pizza box after a show, just passing the time. Apparently that was good enough for Innovation, who used it as a cover.

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    Indie Cover Spotlight: The Mark #2

    Continuing a look at African American artists in the comics field, here’s an early superhero comic published by Dark Horse in 1987:


    Cover art by Larry Stroman, who would go on to draw the second volume of Alien Legion (for Epic), the latest Alien Legion mini-series (for Titan), as well as his own very short-lived creator owned series Tribe.

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      Indie Cover Spotlight: The Dark #3

      Continuing with our theme this month of showcasing African American artists, here’s some indie work from a mainstay of 80s and 90s, artist Mark Bright, aka M.D. Bright:


      Published in May, 1992 by Continum Comics. “Doc” Bright is probably best known for his collaborations with Christopher Priest on Power Man and Iron Fist and Quantum and Woody, as well as runs on Green Lantern, Iron Man, and many other Marvel and DC books.

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        Indie Cover Spotlight: The New Justice Machine #2

        Continuing our look at black artists in honor of Black History Month, I have to feature one of our hometown heroes, fellow Columbusite Darryl Banks:


        You will remember him from the 90s Kyle Rayner era of Green Lantern, plus other books at DC and Marvel. But Darryl started, like most artists of the era, in the indies with works at Innovation and Millenium, amongst others. Here’s the cover he drew to The New Justice Machine #2, published in Jan, 1990 by Innovation.

        Footnote: The Justice Machine #2 (not this one, but rather the earlier volume published in the mid-80s by Comico), was the first indie comic I ever bought at a comic book store.

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