Indie Cover Spotlight: Invisible Republic #2

Here’s one of the newer books I’ve been reading, Invisible Republic:


Written by the husband/wife team of Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, and drawn by Hardman, IR is a fantastic looking (and well-written) science fiction epic with heavy political and social themes running through it. Issue #2 was published in April, 2015 by Image Comics.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Instant Piano #1

Here’s an oddly titled book for today’s installment of ICS: Instant Piano #1


This 1994 anthology of surreal humor from Dark Horse Comics lasted for 4 issues. The inaugural issue featured the above cover by Kyle Baker, with stories contributed by the 5 cartoonists who created the series: Baker, Stephen DeStefano, Evan Dorkin, Robbie Busch, and Mark Badger.

Indie Cover Spotlight: The Book of Grickle

After another long hiatus, ICS is back, baby!

Today’s cover feature is the wonderful and charming collection of Grickle comics from Graham Annable.


This collection was published by Dark Horse Comics in 2010, and collect several of the earlier Grickle books from Alternative Comics.

I love Annable’s dark sense of humor and extremely expressive stick figure characters. He’s an amazing cartoonist, and if you’ve never checked out Grickle, you owe yourself a look.



Indie Cover Spotlight: Hero Alliance #1

Sorry for the skip week, let’s get right back to this feature:


Hero Alliance #1 was published by Wonder Color Comics in May of 1987. The cover is by Bart Sears (inked by Rick Bryant), who would go on to gain fame over at Marvel, DC, Valiant, and other publishers. Wonder folded after publishing only a few comics, but HA found a new home at Innovation, where it ran for 17 issues, plus several one-shots and mini series.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Rough Raiders Annual #1

Here’s a company that I had a bit of history with in my early days of trying to break into the business…


Let’s just say I did a lot of unpaid work for them and leave it at that.

The cover for this book was done by Steven Hughes, who gained fame as the artist of Evil Ernie and Lady Death, before his untimely death at an early age. Published by Blue Comet Press in 1990.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Hero Alliance Quarterly #2

Today’s cover is an early one from Brian Stelfreeze:


This issue was published in December 1991 by Innovation.

There’s an interesting story that goes along with the cover: I always thought there was something familiar about the texture of the background, especially the “ridges” on her collar. Years after this book came out, I was at a comic con and speaking to one of the artists who had worked on the book (I can’t remember who, unfortunately) and he said that he remembered this cover because Brian drew it on the inside of a pizza box after a show, just passing the time. Apparently that was good enough for Innovation, who used it as a cover.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Dick Tracy

Another Kyle Baker cover in the spotlight today, this time from a licensed property published by Disney:


This is from 1991, so I assume Disney was publishing it as a companion to their Dick Tracy movie from the previous year (produced by their Touchstone Pictures division).

Indie Cover Spotlight: The Cowboy Wally Show

It’s Kyle Baker appreciation week here on ICS, so I’ll start with one of my favorite works by the great cartoonist:


This book was one of the first to open my eyes to just how funny comic books could be in the right hands, since I tended to only associate laugh-out-loud humor with movies and stand-up.