Splash Wednesday: Byrne and Jock

A couple of “classic” pages for your this week, from my old blog, both from January 2011. Starting it off with an industry legend…

I decided it would be fun to feature another double-page splash this week:


This is from West Coast Avengers #44, published by Marvel Comics, May 1989. Pencils by John Byrne, inks by Mike Machlan. If you’re wondering, the dissected cybernetic organism is The Scarlet Witch’s husband, The Vision.

Man, that John Byrne, when he was at the top of his craft, was something to behold.

And continuing with some fresh(ish) blood…

Ok, Ok, I promise I’ll get off my Jock kick…er, over-posting, after this:


From Detective Comics #872, featuring the Dick Grayson Batman, published by DC, December 2010. Art by Jock, colors by David Baron.

Splash Wednesday: Elias and Nebres

This week I’m featuring a couple of black and white pages, starting with a weird one, artist Lee Elias, from The Goblin #1, published by Warren Magazines, June 1982:


And from January 2011 on my other blog:

This week’s double-splash page comes courtesy of Philippine artist Rudy Nebres:


This is from Alien Encounters #1, a black & white anthology published by FantaCo in January of 1981. I believe that was the one and only issue they ever did. The book was picked up soon after by Eclipse Comics, which turned it into a color anthology.

You can check out more of Rudy’s art here.

Splash Wednesday: Reis, Perez, and Paquette

We’ll start with a relatively new page, from Aquaman #10, by Ivan Reis:


Next, dig this double-splash page from George Perez, from 1979’s Fantastic Four Annual #14 (via Diversions of the Groovy Kind):

Fantastic Four Annual 14-0708

And here’s a page from December 2010 on my previous blog:

I didn’t look far for this week’s splash page…


This is from Batman, Inc. #2, published by DC Comics this December. Art by Yanick Paquette, inks by Michel Lacombe, and colors by Nathan Fairbairn.

I’m not sure if I’m sold on this book quite yet (man, Morrison is really hit or miss for me) but Paquette’s art is pretty to look at.

PS. I wasn’t sold on the book, I dropped it after the 3rd issue.

Splash Wednesday: Maroto, Sutton, and John Romita, Jr.

Welcome back, splash-o-philes! Let’s get things started with a rather morbid page from one of my faves, Esteban Maroto. This is from Dracula: Vlad the Impaler #2.


Continuing with the vampire theme, here’s Tom Sutton, from Vampire Tales #7 (Marvel Comics, August 1974


And from December 2010 on my old blog, here’s a classic page:

Sorry, I know it’s a day late. I didn’t have a lot of time to look for a page, so I just grabbed this one:

I like the multiple exposures of Cyclops’ head, indicate a sense of sweeping motion in an otherwise static image. It’s one of those uniquely comic book techniques that we don’t see as often anymore, what with artists trying to imitate still from a movie and eschewing anything “comic book-y”.

As you can see from the credits page, this is by John Romita, Jr. and Dan Green. From The Uncanny X-Men #199, published by Marvel Comics, November 1985.

Splash Wednesday: Zaffino, Gonzalez, and Reeder

Our first page was scanned by the reliable Mr. Matt Kish. It’s from Terror, Inc. #5, featuring the lush brushwork of Jorge Zaffino:


Next up, courtesy of Mr. Brent Bowman, who pointed me to the Internet Archive of old Vampirella magazines, here’s some great linework from Jose Gonzalez. This is from Vampirella Magazine #112 (1983):


And last but not least, from back in December 2010, here’s what I posted on my old blog where this feature got its start:

Given the dearth of female comic book artists, I thought it would be good to look at one of the few women who is doing fairly high profile work at a big publisher. So here’s a splash from Amy Reeder:


This if from Madame Xanadu #29, published this month by Vertigo (DC). Richard Friend provided the inks, and Guy Major did the colors. This splash has some nice depth to it, with items in the foreground, middle-ground, and background. I also like the detail on the hardwood floors.

Next up for Ms. Reeder is taking over as artist from J.H. Williams on the new Batwoman monthly, which he is writing.

Splash Wednesday: Kirby, Platt, Schultz, and Grell

Sorry about missing an update last week. Let’s just get right to it!

It’s no secret that frequent contributor to this feature, Matt Kish, is a Kirby fan. So once again, we start with a scan provided by Mr. Kish, this one from Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #10, by Jack Kirby, inked by Michael Thibodeaux:


Now to the opposite of Kirby in every way possible, as the infamous Splatt, AKA Stephen Platt (inked by Marlo Alquiza) draws a Rob Liefeld character. This is from Prophet #7, in which Liefeld apparently attempts an homage by naming a character after The King himself:


Ugh, sorry about that, but I couldn’t resist the Kirby connection there. Onward!

Here’s a bonus page, to wash the taste of Splatt out of your mouth. This is by the amazing Mark Schultz. I’m cheating a bit here, as this isn’t a splash page, but rather the full wrap-around cover to his Xenozoic Tales collection. But come on, can you fault me for sneaking it in?


And finally, here’s the “classic” page (Dec. 2010) from when I used to run this feature on my old Ferret Press blog:

Since I was recently scanning some Grell pages for my Warlord review, I decided to save this beauty for Splash Wednesday:


Now that’s a double-splash page. I especially like the severed hand flying off the page. Penciled and inked by Mike Grell, colored by David Curiel. From Warlord #7 (vol. 3).

Splash Wednesday: Aparo, Spiegle, and Ridgway

My buddy Matt Kish provided the first scan, a page from The Black Hole #2, published in 1980 by Whitman, with art by (I believe) art by Dan Spiegle:


Next up, some non-Batman Jim Aparo art, from The Phantom #31, published in 1969 by Charlton:

Phantom 31-01

(The above scan is courtesy of the awesome Diversions of the Groovy Kind blog.)

And from the Ferret Press blog (Nov 17, 2010):

This week, we’re going with a horror theme:


Creepy, eh? This is from Hellblazer #1, published in 1988 by DC, written by Jamie Delano, with fellow Brit John Ridgway on art, and colors by Lovern Kindzierski (although the scan is from the $1 reprint that DC recently reissued as part of their “What’s Next?” line)

Splash Wednesday: Craig, Pelletier, and Jones

Welcome back to Splash Wednesday, where I feature some splash pages…on a Wednesday.

Matt Kish provided this first page of sword-and-sorcery mayhem, from Wulf the Barbarian #4, with art by Jim Craig:


Next up, a more modern page, a double-splash from Aquaman #16. Penciled by Paul Pelletier:

aquaman16a justice league reserves

And as always, we finish with a classic post from my old Ferret Press blog, this one from Nov. 10, 2010:

Another Wednesday, another splash page:

Actually, this one is a double splash page! I think I like it not so much for the action or depth (there really isn’t much of either) but for the wild design and even wilder coloring.

This is from The Micronauts #14 (vol. 2), published by Marvel Comics, November 1985. Kelley Jones on pencils, Danny Bulanadi on inks, and Bob Sharen on colors.

Reminds me a bit of this piece, if Stokoe had colored it…

Splash Wednesday: Kirby, Brown, Chadwick

Sorry for the skip week last week. But SW is back with a triple dose of comic book splash pages for your greedy little eyeballs, kicking it off with Jack “The King” Kirby, inked by Michael Thibodeaux, from Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #10:


Next up, a fantastically bizarre crotch shot of Adam Warlock, as drawn by Bob Hall and inked by Tom Sutton, from The Power of Warlock #8. I dedicate this page to the inimitable Mr. Matt Kish.

The Power of Warlock 08 - 15

And lastly, another classic page from the old Ferret Press blog, this time from a post made by me on November, 2010:

This week’s splash page is from the closing page Concrete #22, published by Dark Horse Comics, November 1998:


This is one of my favorite indie series of all time, and writer/artist Paul Chadwick is a true original. I love this image of all the main characters, as well as the flourishes (such as the fine arts painting on the wall).

Splash Wednesday: Kirby, Grell, and Sienkiewicz

My buddy Matt Kish provided the first scan, a page of Jack Kirby art from Machine Man #4:


Next up, a classic Mike Grell page from The Warlord #1, the comic where there was always a competition between titular character Travis Morgan and every female character to see who could wear the skimpiest outfit:

Warlord 001-01

And as always, we finish with a “classic” post from my old Ferret Press blog, from October, 2010:

Not that I want this to become an all-Bill Sienkiewicz tribute, but hey, the guy does some nice work. Anyway, here’s this week’s featured splash page:


I love the perspective in this piece, as well as the crescent shape formed by Moon Knight’s cape.This page is from Moon Knight #5 (vol. 1), published by Marvel, March 1981. Penciled by Bill Sienkiewicz, inked by Klaus Janson.

Splash Wednesday: Broderick, Trimpe, Netzer, Kane, and Kordey

To make up for last week’s lean offering, here’s a bunch of pages. Don’t say I didn’t get you guys anything for Christmas!

We’ll start with a couple of scans provided by my friend Matt Kish. Here’s Pat Broderick, from The Micronauts #19:


Next up, a crazy-ass page by Herb Trimpe, from Shogun Warriors #13:


Here’s a nicely surreal page by Michael Netzer (under the pen name Mike Nasser), from DC Special Series #15: Batman Spectacular:


And finally, the way back machine takes us to my old Ferret Press blog, and this entry from October 13, 2010:

Man, it’s an all-out posting extravaganza today, isn’t it? Anyway, with PANELista Craig Bogart’s schedule busy, I’m going to take over his feature again and post a splash page for the week. So here, for your visual enjoyment, is a page from the late, great Gil Kane:


This is from Sword of the Atom Special #1, published by DC in 1984. Script by Jan Strnad, art by Gil Kane. If you’re wondering about the caption boxes, the conceit of the issue is that we’re reading fictional author Norman Brawler’s foreword to his book “The Atom’s Farewell”.

And another classic, from October 20, 2010:

Feature founder Craig has outsourced his work to me, so here’s the splash page for this week:


From Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman #2 (of 4), published jointly by DC and dark Horse Comics, October 1999. Art by the underrated Igor Kordey, who got a bad rap because he was Marvel’s go-to guy for years when a book was behind schedule and 22 pages of art needed to be cranked out in a weekend. But when given a normal schedule, he really knocked it out of the park, as in the creator-owned book Smoke (published by IDW).

Anyway, I love the lush sense of depth in this splash, as well as the mood and atmosphere, with Tarzan’s anguished cry. Good stuff.

Splash Wednesday: Bill Sienkiewicz

Sorry, running late and short on time today, so just the one “classic” post from the old Ferret Press blog (originally posted September 2010). Next week I’ll be back with a trio of pages.

“Since Craig’s schedule has been pretty busy of late, I thought I’d go ahead and post a page for this new feature that he started here on the blog. So here’s this week’s splash page, from New Mutants #19 (Sept. 1984), by Bill Sienkiewicz:


Having shed his Neal Adams influence (as showcased in the Moon Knight comics), Bill grew into his own in the pages of New Mutants. His painted covers for the book, combined with his decidedly non-Marvel house style interiors, really made this a book that transcended its X-Men spin-off origins. This is from the second chapter of the ‘Demon Bear’ saga.”