I’m a writer of various and sundry material, but mostly I love writing comic books and graphic novels. I’ve written for publishers such as DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW Publishing, but my latest work which is my most personal and ambitious is the Persia Blues trilogy of graphic novels, published through NBM. Please visit that sister site for a free preview of the book, reviews, print and digital purchasing options, and much more.

But while you’re here, kick your feet up, take a look around, and be sure to check out my blog for the latest news, previews, and behind-the-scenes fun.

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Indie Cover Spotlight: The Replacement God

One of my favorite fantasy titles, from the immensely talented Zander Cannon:


This is the cover to the trade paperback collecting the first story arc. Published by Slave labor in 1997. It follows the adventures of a slave boy named Knute, his many attempts at escape from a dungeon, and an epic story involving finding a replacement for the God of Death. The story was funny and poignant and adventurous, with expressive artwork by Cannon.

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